BOSS database, will provide the comprehensive details of the experimentally validated breast cancer specific breast cancer genes at one platform, to help researchers working in the field of siRNA based anticancer therapeutic development.

RNA interferance

Data architecture

The BOSS database contains the following seventeen fields for each siRNAs entry; (1) BOSS id (2) pubmed id, (3) sequence, (4) siRNA name, (5) target gene, (6) GC content, (7) length of siRNA, (8) cell types, (9) year, (10) siRNA source (siRNA/shRNA),(11) position of siRNA (siRNA/shRNA), (12) Test objective, (13) Test method, (14) NCBI Acession no., (15) Biological inhibition, (16) Transfection Reagent and (17) Test time.

BOSS database provide three options

Search option: User can search in any field and display any field.
Advance search option: It allows the user to search more complex queries.
Browse option: It assists user to search breast oncogenic siRNAs in BOSS DB.

Major tools at BOSS DB:

BOSS database has two tools e.g. siRNAMAP BLAST

Biotechnology Division, Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Lucknow, India