PlantAFPs: A database of plant origin antifungal peptides

CSIR-Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants

PlantAFPs database, will provide the comprehensive details of the experimentally
validated plant origin antifungal peptides at one platform, to help researchers working in the field of
plant science.

Data architecture

The database contains the following nineteen fields for each peptide entry; (1) PlantAFPs ID (2) Peptide name, (3)Peptide class , (4) Length of the peptide, (5) Sequence, (6) Molecular mass,
(7) Cyclic/Linear, (8) Plant species, (9) Family of plant , (10) Tissue localization,(11) Organism target, (12) Antifungal activity, (13) Medium,
(14) Presence of ions, (15) Biological assay, (16) Test time (17) Assay, (18) Literature and (19) Year of Publication.

PlantAFPs database provide three options

Search option:   Advance search option: It allows the user to search Advance search queries.  Browse option: It assists user to search breast oncogenic peptide in PlantAFPs DB.

Major tools at PlantAFPs DB:

PlantAFPs database has two tools e.g. siRNAMAP BLAST